A true Canadian National Film Board (NFB) classic

A true Canadian National Film Board (NFB) classic from 1951...... "The Oyster Man". I never get tired of watching this film documentary.

I love the line, "Why Mr. Gorman..... It's DELICIOUS." followed by the woman's big appreciative sexy smile after she eats an oyster served to her by "the boss."

Oyster Man, Julian Biggs & Jean Palardy, National Film Board of Canada



Next time

Next time you are looking for an alternative to eating "mystery meat" hot-dogs in the summer, why not head down to your favourite clam beach, and discover for yourself, the JOY of eating and DIGGING your own clams.

I have a lot of Varnish clams a.k.a "Savoury clams" (Nuttallia obscurata) on my Cortes Island beach these days and when purged for 4 or 5 days to remove fine sand particles, one can find an incredibly edible raw piece of seafood, that is just waiting to be SUCKED BACK. The meat is firm, sweet with a lovely salty crunch when tasted.

Contrary to popular opinion, I do not view the Varnish, aka Savoury or Mahogany clam as an "alien" or that it is "invasive". Yes, this clam might have originated from Asia 25 years ago (probably with ballast water from a container ship filled with I-Pods) but we really need to be eating in much greater amounts, this affordable and very sustainable natural resource that has been "gifted" to the Pacific Northwest coast.

During the month of August, I actually prefer eating this clam over my own, ever sexy "Royal Courtesan" oyster.




"Savoury" aka Purple Mahogany (Nuttallia obscurata) clam ceviche with Cawston peaches. STELLAR...... and sssssoooo simple and affordable to prepare. Though this is the first time that I've used this particular "gifted to the Pacific Northwest" clam to make ceviche, it definitely won't be the last. Where has this clam and ceviche recipe been all my life?

This is a wonderful example of when the WHOLE, can become greater than the SUM of all the INDIVIDUAL PARTS. This is the kind of world I personally want to live in.




Sunday June 22 - Solstice Celebration

Brent Petkau believes humanity can learn a lot from the oyster, viewing this bivalve beauty as a vehicle for social change. By fulfilling the manifesto of his oyster revolution, Brent leads us towards a brighter future, one oyster at a time.

It’s not everyday where the local oyster supplier has created such a name for himself that he has an almost rock star status. But over the last 16 years, the charismatic Brent Petkau, aka ‘The Oyster Man’ has created an oyster-eating culture in the Southern Interior of British Columbia, where he has locals quite literally eating freshly shucked oysters from his hands. However, it’s not only overall experience he provides to his customers that is noteworthy, but it’s his mission to ignite a culinary revolution that makes him a standout oyster man.

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Honouring the world of "working the night tides"

It was with great joy that in April, 2012,  I worked the last of the winter night tides, together with John Lehmann,  staff photographer for the Toronto Globe and Mail.   Appreciate folks, that working the night tides on Marina Island,  is a world unto it's own.  But a guy has to do what an oysterman has to do to grow and harvest a premium quality beach oyster.  And over the late fall, winter and early spring, the oysters and clams are exposed and can only be worked during the night hours.  
John's photos are worth ten thousand words and they truly honour the world of shellfish farmers who work the night tides.   It's not an easy job to work when the lights are out, the wolves are howling and watching you through the darkness,  and the oysters are sleeping, just waiting to be harvested and marketed exclusively in the Nelson, British Columbia.   
Enjoy these beautiful photos that appeared in the April 11th, 2012 Wed. edition of the Globe and Mail.  
Or better yet, come and work the night tides with me some time in the future and experience for yourself, what it takes to grow and harvest  "The Perfect Oyster".



November 15th, Clayoquot Oyster Festival

This November 15th, the Oysterman returns to the Wickaninnish Inn as part of Tofino's 17th annual Clayoquot Oyster Festival. B.C. legend Brent Petkau will be your host, accompanied by copious quantities of his succulent bivalves, harvested off Vancouver Island's coast for your tasting pleasure.

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Grape Stomp - October 19th

Plan to attend the Salt Spring Vineyards annual "Grape Stomp...... with OYSTERS". Saturday, October 19th.

This event celebrates the finest and freshest Cortes Island oysters, paired with Salt Spring Vineyards wines. Along with a whole lot more food, fun, dancing and music.

I look forward to being your OYSTER MAN. Warmest fall greetings and CHEERS, Brent



2013 OOOyster Festival

Walnut Beach Resort is proud to be the official sponsor of the 2013 OOOyster Festival.

I'll be shucking oysters with chef Jonas Stadtlander of the Waterfront Resort. The event that I am doing with Jonas is at the Walnut Beach Resort.  SATURDAY APRIL 20th - Time: 3:00 – 5:00 pm

Tickets available by calling Walnut Beach Resort at 1-877-936-5400, going to the BC VQA Wine Information Centre in Penticton.

Please


Oyster & Perogy Launch Party

Thursday, April 4, The Royal on Baker, 6:30pm doors, 19+, $10 admission.

What’s a food film festival without some food!

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Oysters & Stout

Folks, the "OYSTER REVOLUTION" happened on January 22, 2013 at the Legacy Liquor Store in Vancouver, B.C. 
The event featured same-day fresh "Royal Courtesan" oysters, direct from Cortes Island, shucked by Brent "The Oyster Man" Petkau, and featured a proper flight of Stout selected by Craig Noble, filmmaker and Cicerone in training, and the Vancouver premiere of The Perfect Oyster.  
"Oysters and Stout", was a multi-sensory celebration of the finest and freshest oysters, contrasted with a classic pairing of 6 craft-brewed stouts from around the globe, and the first time The Perfect Oyster was screened in Vancouver, a film that has delighted and aroused audiences in Manhattan, Berlin, Toronto,  Chicago and beyond.

But hey, every good REVOLUTION needs legs, longevity and an ability to see "the bigger picture".  And so the next time you drink a beer, or a stout in particular, ask yourself, wouldn't it be nice if each stout also contained "Lusty Bits of Oysterly Nourishment" in each sip.  


"Citius, Altius, Forius"....... aka "Swifter, Higher and Stronger"

I've always known that "The Oyster Man's Gourmet Smoked Oysters" are in a category of their own.  After all, this is what the word "gourmet" means, does it not?   My smoked oysters travel well...... da, to the remote corners of Nepal,  they offer huge nutritional qualities as climbers are always looking for additional zinc and dopemine for their pencils,  and are a Lusty Bit of Nourishment, whether you are at a picnic on a beach, or climbing Mount Everest.  Happy to hear that Tim and Becky, of  take my incredible edibles from the sea, to the world of the swift, the higher and the stronger.  
Tim and Becky, Peak Freaks and Everest climbers, I GREATLY APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT of my oyster business,


Oyster Night

What’s a food film festival without some food! On Wednesday, April 18, @ 7pm, come to The Royal on Baker to learn of the importance of the humble oyster to our marine ecosystems and to celebrate the oyster with celebrity oyster man Brent Petkau. Following the screening of Shellshocked and a short film featuring Brent, a slideshow and talk by Brent will help open the floor to a 2buck-a-shuck oyster bar. Supporting the event is the Nelson Brewing Company who has paired their Blackheart Oatmeal Stout with Brent’s Cortes Island oysters. This is 19+ event.

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It seems apparent that species are only commas in a sentence

March, 2012

Working the tidal pools, harvesting my shellfish each month, I have large moments of time for solitude and thought.

I muse:

"It seems apparent that species are only commas in a sentence, that each species in the tidal pool is at once the point and the base of a pyramid.

One species merges into another, 

groups melt into ecological groups until,

the time when what we know as life,

meets and enters what we think of as non-life.


Ahhhh, may the taste of an oyster on my lips, lead to an understanding that man is RELATED TO EVERYTHING."


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