Oysters can be eaten raw, or smoked, boiled, baked, fried, roasted, stewed, canned, pickled, steamed, grilled or used in a variety of drinks. 

Folks, there are some amazing websites out there that offer an extremely large number of oyster recipes.  Here are just a few that I refer to often for inspiration.  Check them out yourselves.


Oysters Motoyaki a.k.a. Miso Mayo Slathered Broiled Oysters

My all time favorite recipe for baking oysters.  The rich complex flavours of the ingredients compliment the sweetness of the baked oyster. (Read more)

Clams steamed in spicy coconut lime broth

Instructions In a large pot combine all the ingredients except the clams. Bring to a boil and add the clams. Cover and cook until the clams open, shaking the pot occasionally. Ladle the clams and broth into heated bowls and serve (Read more)

BBQ'd oysters with "Devil's Butter"

Combine ingredients in a sauce and bring to a slow boil. Reduce heat and simmer for approximately 15 minutes.  Stir sauce vigorously before applying to oysters. Preparation: Scrub oysters shells well with stiff brush. If you have frozen the oysters in the shell, … (Read more)

Oyster Pan Roast

Instructions 1. In a double boiler with water boiling on high, combine clam juice, butter, celery salt and Worcestershire sauce. Once butter melts, add oysters and cook for 30 seconds, stirring constantly. Add chili sauce and stir well. 2. Add half-and-half a… (Read more)

Potato Crusted Cortes Island Oysters

This is one of the favorite recipes of Chef Nick Nutting, of "Wolf in the Fog" restaurant in Tofino, British Columbia. Its adaptability to the changing season, where the accompanying ingredients can be modified to include squash, apple, and even sunchokes, … (Read more)

Smoked Oysters "Picado"

The name Smoked Oysters "Picado" stems from the Spanish word, to finely mince or chop.  Folks, it's not rocket science to pull off this extremely tasty party trick.  The most beautiful things in life are often very simple to experience and produce. Instructio… (Read more)

Oysters Rockefeller a la Suz

All too often, recipes for the traditional Oysters Rockefeller are way too complicated to make; too many steps to follow. Thus Suz's simplified version. Oysters Rinse oysters to remove sand and grit. Shuck and remove any broken shell from each oyster. Place oyste… (Read more)

Baked Oysters with Tomato, Parsley and Asiago Cheese

Combine all the topping ingredients except the Asiago cheese. Set aside. Preheat oven to 450 F (230 C) Place the oysters on a large baking sheet. Place a generous spoonful of topping on each oyster. Sprinkle Asiago cheese on top. Bake for 12 to 15 minut… (Read more)

Incredible Edibles from the Sea

We in Canada are very fortunate. We can now purchase very high quality. Canadian made smoked oysters, processed with out additives or oil. this gourmet product will tantalize our tastebuds. After tasting just one, you will never want to settle for less. (Read more)

Extra Action Smoked Oysters

Award-winning filmmaker and producer of famed foodie film, Tableland , Craig Noble, has been named Foodie of the Year in Western Living Magazine’s Top Forty Foodies Under Forty listing. Craig Noble layers regional tastes (mollusks from Cortes Island’s B… (Read more)

Baked Oysters

Instructions Wash the oyster shells thoroughly by scrubbing with a brush. Place with the deep shell down in a baking pan in a very hot oven, bake until the shells open, remove the upper shells, add a little butter, salt and pepper to each oyster, and serve… (Read more)

Oysters with Champagne Sauce and Leeks

This recipe is intended to blow socks off and perhaps some other pieces of clothing as well. Truly divine indulgence!   This great recipe was given to me a few years ago by an Australian ski bum, living in Nelson, B.C.  When not skiing, Matt was a commercial … (Read more)
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