Oyster Knifes


Oyster Knife by SEKIZO

This Oyster Knife by SEKIZO is a knife which has been specially designed for the purpose of opening oysters. It is an absolute must have if you want to prepare oysters, and it helps with other shellfish as well. It has a narrow, slightly round blunt tip to reducing the risk of injury. The flat blade is made from stainless steel and the handle is made from non-slip pressure absorbing plastic.

  • 70mm Oyster Knife
  • Plastic Non-Slip Pressure Absorbs Handle
  • Made in Japan.

Price $20.- CAD

Oyster Knife with solid wooden handle. Wooden handle fits nicely in the palm with this one, for good gripping and safer oyster prying.

  • Use to open oysters safely
  • Ergonomic, easy to hold handle

Price $5.- CAD 


Oyster Knife by Dexter

Dexter S122. Canadian plus shipping Made I'd USA. 4" Stainless Steel blade, nicely balanced, with knob handle. A very nice, general purpose oyster knife. Will last a life-time.

Price $25.- CAD


Shucking Board (no knife)

Price $25.- CAD 


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