An Oyster without the Rrrrrrrr ?

While attending and participating in the 22nd annual Cortes Island Oyster Feastival" aka "Seafest" something feels wrong, desperately wrong, when the ........"RRrrrrr" is taken out of the words Raw Oysters. Yes, the evolution of the Cortes Island shellfish culture and sub-culture, (which over the past 50 years has sold and sent out millions upon millions of oysters, of all shapes and sizes, and almost as many pounds of clams, scallops and mussels to markets all over the world) .....is one that is constantly changing, evolving for better or for worse and growing greyer with each passing year.

Thank GOD, that an exquisite tasting last minute presentation of spot prawns, filled in for what has traditionally been "The Raw Bar", always presented in the finest form IMAGINABLE, that is, same day fresh oysters pulled out of our waters the morning of the festival and then shucked and proudly presented by the Cortes Island oyster farmers that grew and harvested them, for an appreciative crowd of more than 600 seafood loving aficionados.

How does the Bruce Cockburn song go?????...."THE TROUBLE WITH NORMAL IS IT ONLY GETS WORSE"..... when red tape and regulations get in the way of "Lusty Bits of NOURISHMENT"...... on your lips.

I am SADDENED and INSULTED...... though I must admit, I did find some raw oysters, "behind the scenes", that were PERFECTLY SHUCKED. God, did they taste wonderful as they sent me ...... leaping OVER THE MOON!

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