"Between the experience of living a normal life at this moment on the planet and all of the public narratives being offered to give sense to that life, the EMPTY SPACE, the GAP, is ENORMOUS". 
R.I.P. John Berger (The Shape of a Pocket)

Folks, BC oysters are just fine to eat. Believe me! .... not the main-stream media or health regulation agencies whose marching orders for the past 5 months are all too often to speak about "airplane crashes instead of airplane landings."

But don't for a minute ever think that when eating a raw oyster, that something can't go wrong or is without risk. No lab testing will ever give you 100 percent confidence that everything about the "oyster", is OK.

As in life, or when putting a "Lusty Bit of Nourishment" to your lips, when taking intelligent calculated risks, 

And it might be wise if we as an oyster risk-loving culture, were to get back to the way BC oysters were mostly consumed in the "olden days". 
When I started oyster ranching 20 years ago, (and back then you could actually make a fair living), we were eating and producing far more larger "cooking" oysters, which kills off norovirus concerns., RIGHT? The numbers were something like this. 
 25% consumed raw, 75% cooked. Today, the numbers are pretty much the exact opposite. The fancy and very sexy little cocktail sized oysters for raw consumption make up 75% of oyster consumption / production with 25% now being cooked / produced.

This is where things get interesting. If oyster production were to go back to the old ways, and oyster shucking plants were restored and brought back into use and shellfish farmers were actually paid a fair price that kept pace with inflation, oystering would again become $$$$$$ PROFITABLE! in British Columbia.

I can't wait for that day to happen!

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